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The camp opens 01 April
The camp closes 30 November

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Safari Seasons

Sausage Tree Camp is open throughout the best game viewing months of April to November. The season begins as soon as the rains are over. The vegetation is lush at this time but as the season progresses the bush dries out, the game gathers and sightings improve.

Emerald Season
1 April to 31 May

Visiting the Lower Zambezi after the rains is absolutely stunning, the skies are clear and the mountains seem so near. The migratory birds remain in plumage and are preparing to move on. The dense vegetation forces the lions to use the roads and the wild dog are readily seen in the open plains. April is very hot averaging mid to high 30’s (Celsius), but by late May the temperatures will have dropped to the mid 20’s (Celsius). This year we had fantastic leopard sightings in both April and May.

Shoulder Season
1 June to 30 June

The season has kicked into gear, the vegetation starts to die off and thin out, the elephant and buffalo herds start to gather, and the guides are predicting the predators' next move. Definitely the coldest time of the year, please bring cold weather gear for night drives and early morning activities. The days are a perfect temperature. African Wild Dog den in this period for mating, so sightings at this time are extremely rare.

High Season
1 July to 15th November

This really is the very best time of the year in the Lower Zambezi National Park. The game viewing is phenomenal and the early season temperatures are near perfect! This is also a busy time to be in the camp, usually 14 or more guests every night. The Sausage Tree (Africana Kigelia) starts to flower, as does the flame creeper/burning bush (Chifungulu) which transforms the green vegetation to a bright red. Leopard and lion sightings are a daily occurrence, as are the elephant who wander through camp.

Later on in the season things really start to heat up in terms of weather as well as game viewing and fishing. Most waterholes have dried up, so game is more often seen on the river banks and islands. Bird watching is also spectacular with summer migrating birds returning - the carmine bee eaters really put on a show along the riverbanks. October is the hottest month with a feeling of build up to the rains. When the first rains come the impala give birth, as do the warthogs and many other species. For any avid fisherman, this is probably the best time to be here.

Safari Seasons

Emerald April & May
Shoulder June - 14 July
High 15 July - 15 Oct
Shoulder 16 Oct - 15 Nov